The Infinite Resurrection: You Cant Kill A UNIcorn 🦄

Aged 35 years 26 days and approximately 6 hours and 45 minutes.

I once had my astrological chart drafted/read – my dear friend mentioned that it was the funniest of things – a Pisces. The oldest of signs ready for retirement and just to pack it in – seen and done it all many lifetimes over. But then you look at the math and the numerology of it all – a 1. I was readying myself for a revolution. Here I was this data point in the universe, stuck between retiring or revolt.

Packing it in

I just want to live a simple life. Moved to California – land of beach, surf, malibu barbie and dudes-AND SUN! I was promised sun! – thinking it would be mellow, chill and joyful. But alas – nah brah, shit wasn’t.

I went off into the workforce like a good human wanting to provide for myself. I walk in and find…

People just mother f*cking peeing on my  leg and telling me it’s raining (Judge Judy- you’re welcome!). I just smile and nod. Smile and nod. Keep peeing – Drip Drip f*cker. I make eye contact – SMILE AND NOD.

Keeping my mouth shut and nose on the grindstone. Work Work Work Mary goes – spinning on the HAMSTER freaking wheel. Fuck you hamster – fuck you.

Here I am thinking oh – I will be appreciated. I will be loved and liked and respected – but nah – just more people peeing on my leg- yellow rain keeps coming. The rain is yellow friends. ‘Tis yellow they say, Prince was wrong there ain’t no Purple.

I just let people be – no matter how they are – I let them be. Let it rain I say.

2015 I moved to California.

I take a sHowER

Thank you sir, may I have another!??!

No matter what it is – good or bad- just give me more! Pile it on. Is it full? OH NO – THERE’S MORE SPACE – WE CAN FIT MORE! FIT MORE! Caben mas!

I have this weird thing and I don’t know how to describe it. It’s the opposite of a resting bitch face – I have an eternal smile. Smile SMILE S.M.I.L.E.

I will shank a bitch.

SMILE. [End Scene]

Feel the FeelINgs

2019 was just marination. Sitting in it. All of it. The pile of it. 💩.

Fertilizer – dormancy and having everything across time and space (past ancestors, karmic debts/dividends +legacies) integrate into the now. I just sit and enjoy all the moments brought on by this magnificent year of learning and being humbled – and boy was I humbled.

Let it all settle and finish arriving.

The Revolt: Being Nice is not eNOugh

You gotta teach these Mother F*ckers. Gotta bring em to church. Gotta edumacate them. Gotta pull your gangsta out your back pocket and samurai whack them with your chancleta (chancla for those not of DR-ing decent). WHACK WHACK WHACK I go to all the bull shyt. Allllllll THE BS. No more BS. I laugh at your BS. Give them a phagainst their will. Fuck you. (No lube up the *ss). If the chancla dont work – get the belt! Matrix their ass. Bullets fly – bendy backwards. swoosh swoosh.

The peeing. The pile of it[s].

It’s all emotional pollution.


People don’t know how to properly human. They take their hurt and their pain and they think they can just put it on you or in you. But you are not the vessel for pain. Simply because I have cleared [in the clearing] out my own shit, am shiny bright, smiling and trying to live in step with my own karmic stuffs does not mean that I can shoulder your/their/our burdens too. NAH BRAH. HAS A SEAT.

I can’t Help YOU

You are none of my business. My business is me. I am minding the business that pays me. I am the CEO of my own damn life. I gots nothing to do with you. I can show you the way. I can show you how to fish but I cant make you be a good human and I cant make you do much of anything.

I’m in charge of this side of the fence. I model the behavior and shank/chancla you if you cross over here with your BS (como el que caga y no lo siente). Poking your pain in my direction – I wants none of that!

It’s not my job to make you happy. It’s not my job to make anyone happy. My happiness is MY accountability and responsibility- it ends and begins there. Thas it. Thas my shit. My happiness. My life.

fuck the hamster. fuck the wheel.

mirror mirror

I’m just here looking in the mirror. Looking at all that I am. looking young – havent aged. Smiling. Great skin. Looking like Moises after he encountered god in the bush (God is always in the bush- never ask why). eternal glow. Eternal Bliss. at peace. I sleep like a baby. My conscience is conscious and clear.

Focus on you until the focus is on you. [stolen saying]

mirror mirror.


Working on the inner vessel-being strengthened from within. Making sure the blessings have a firm / strong / flexible / adaptable net to catch and HOLD/GROW them into a legacy that will bless the world. Busy working on my innards. In joy working on my inner trappings. Making my Self a home to me. Comfy / cozy / happy / bright / joy-filled / happy / shiny / expansive / calming / replenishing /walk into a spa kind of vibe. Fortify. Back to basics. Back to essentials. more me.

Two sayings to keep in mind: You buried me not knowing I was a seed. You threw me to the wolves not realizing that I would come back leading the pack.


The REVOLT: Kindness is King & Love the answer

Consciously Kind Love. The wave of the future.

[{ Killing them with kindness. Is a saying. Kill them with kindness./ }]

My observation has been: You can’t kill much of anything if it was never truly alive to begin with.

resurrect them with kindness – I always go back to Lazarus. Such a powerful imagery for me that is echoed in the concept of a phoenix.

This Mary is the one I built. It takes great discipline and understanding to be kind and non-reactive to people/circumstances and ever changing stimulus. Life is simply a sequence of events and data points that are being observed.

The meaning of Mary

Rebellion. I never bothered looking it up but god wants you to find yourself even if s/he has to hit you upside the head with it. Change or be changed but here will always be change. Do it of your own free will and accord or the universe will do it for you. Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 11.30.40 AM

2019- I died many times over but every time I rose. You give birth to your self/Self/self/s.e.l.f.                             over and over again in a lifetime. You are the conduit for the manifestations/this life. You are never the same person twice much the same as you can’t step into the same river. It all falls under the same umbrella of mary/you. But not the same.

Dragged – torched/burned alive/die a death again/broken heart/spirit/disappointed/drowned/overwhelmed/left for deader than dead – but still resurrected stronger, faster, yedi and baby yoda-like you go into 2020. Perhaps the most painful thing – you survived. and the most joyful & beautiful thing- you survived. Thus far, 100% survival rate. a miracle.

Unicorn on steroids. Look forward /never back. Level Up.

Whatever it is and no matter what – I sit here and I write. That’s part of the point and part of the purpose. Giving and creating meaning through me.

The meaning of YOU

Work on your Self and mind your business. While you’re doing that – be kind and love the hell out of everyone. And when they are mean – be more kind and love them harder, deeper, stronger and more loyally. This is the revolution. This is the rebellion. It will not be televised. It is in you.


2020. Your move.




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