You Can’t Help Anyone – The Martyr Complex

You’re only in charge of you

You’re only in charge of your realm and your happiness. Anything beyond your fingertips – is none of your concern. It ends with the boundary of your skin.

This visceral feeling that I am no one’s mother and I am no one’s nanny. People need to start getting the help and professional counseling that they need. They need to start going to the doctors, start getting on the treadmills, start hiking those mountains or whatever it is you need to do to leave their/your/our crazy at home and not bring that shit out into the streets.

I am not here for your yelling. I am not here for your unwanted advances. I am not here for you to dump on me. I am not the empty vessel for your pain. I am not the blank canvas for you to work your shit out on. I AM NOT THE ONE. I’ve done this.  I am most def not the one. You are not my responsibility. I dont care how spiritual i am or how advanced and connected to oneness. I keep my gangster in my back pocket. You need to start doing your own work. I cant help anyone and I cant give anyone a shortcut to their life – not professionally. Not romantically. Not as a friend. GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY.

There’s a reason we are persons and have the boundaries of skin. YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO ME. YOU CANNOT REACH ME. YOU CANNOT TOUCH ME.

Respect. This radical concept of  (god f*cking forbid) I expect the same treatment I give you.

People have to start solving their own problems and only offer the rest of the world solutions and possibilities. I am not here for another nay-sayer or a tantrum. It’s done. Those days are far gone. I am not changing any diapers. Grow the fuck up. Deal with your shit.

Not my circus. Not my monkeys. And not today Satan. Not today.


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