How to FUND 16 + Months of Being FUNemployed Without Working

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! After many questions regarding my financials, I am finally peeling back the curtain and exposing the books! I get a lot of questions about financials but no one willing to foot the bills – funny how that works… This is such a vulnerable spot for me and hopefully this inspires many of you out there to take a leap or rethink your current situation. As I said before, take what works for you and leave what does not. Use the information below to synthesize a hybrid plan for yourself.

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I move, I be, I do- all with ease.

I have been meditating on freedom and movement. Moving not just the body, but the locality of it, being moved and being able to communicate (how that in and of itself travels through the interwebs sometimes landing & sometimes just floating in the ether waiting to be discovered and unlocked).

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The TATA Top: Beauty, Boobs and Breasts

It’s summer and I’m enjoying my TATA’s! In my infinite wisdom, I saw this top and decided to purchase it immediately (because I am a shy and demure lady!) I love the classy things in life that allow me to blend into the background. Non-fussy, sweet and angelic, I am. 

I love getting into mischief and quite honestly I just thought the bikini top was brilliant. I saw no issues with it. I went to Rye Beach with friends. As soon as I removed my cover up, I felt a bit exposed even though I was covered. I laid on my tummy for most of the beach. Afterwards, we proceeded to the pool. We got into the pool for 10 minutes when we had to exit due to a safety check exercise. 
As I was on my way back into the pool I received a compliment from a lady and her husband remarking how cute my top was… I was proud of myself and continued to make my way to the pool. I was about to enter when a security guard approached. He asked if it was possible for me to cover up. Apparently my top was “offensive.” I asked him how it was offensive and then he started to hold back his laughter. He told me that he could not look at me and he was trying to keep a straight face by looking above me and past me. He said that people had remarked that it was offensive. He asked that I put on a shirt or turn my bikini top inside out. He also said I could go buy a white shirt and wear it in the pool. I refused to turn the top inside out and declined his invitation to purchase a white t-shirt. In retrospect, wet t-shirt contests love the white shirts for a reason and I think the guard was confused by the novelty of this new issue that had sprung up in his pool. In the end, the couple that had complimented me threw me their son’s tank top. 
Moral of the story: Women’s breasts are dangerous and should be brandished with care. Little children cannot be exposed to these weapons. Children have never seen breasts nor do they suckle upon birth. Their innocence is to be maintained at all costs. Overweight men with their hanging boobages – their breasts and cleavage are meant to be free and liberated. Theirs is a gift that is meant to be shared with the world – no training bra’s needed. 
I’m offended at how a little bikini top almost got me kicked out of the pool. I did not have the words to defend myself but I was made to feel as if wearing my bikini top was wrong and my lack of shame in my body (not even because it is a garment) is frowned upon. 
Anywho, I think we should be more desensitized to being offended by a breast. It has larger implications in women’s self body image and the image of motherhood/breastfeeding. Just Sayin’. Suck a Boobie at birth and then as children they must be protected from a faux breast top. Adults need to grow up. 
My TATA top will rise again! Damn the establishment! TATA tops for everyone! Boooooobiiiesssssss and Breastesssssessssss. Boooooobiiiesssssss and Breastesssssessssss. Boooooobiiiesssssss and Breastesssssessssss. Boooooobiiiesssssss and Breastesssssessssss. Boooooobiiiesssssss and Breastesssssessssss. There is more trouble to be caused. #FREEtheNIPPLE

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