I move, I be, I do- all with ease.

I have been meditating on freedom and movement. Moving not just the body, but the locality of it, being moved and being able to communicate (how that in and of itself travels through the interwebs sometimes landing & sometimes just floating in the ether waiting to be discovered and unlocked).

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Do You Doubt Yourself?: How to Know You’re on the Right Track

I have had so many people say that I am such an inspiration and that they wish they could do what I am doing. This is not how I know that I am on the right track. I know I am right on schedule humming along in unison with the Universe’s plans for me when I get calls like this:

I look down at my phone and see an unrecognizable number. I pick up. I say hello and realize it’s an old friend who I haven’t seen in a very long while and haven’t spoken to in ages. She asks what’s new- I sense where this is going so I cut to the chase. When you get these out of the blue calls they usually come from someone who’s on a specific mission or purpose- it’s most definitely not about the chit chat.
I tell her that I’m moving to California next week. She tells me that’s what she had heard. She then goes on to express fear and tell me that that’s a far away state and I don’t have any family there. That perhaps someone has somehow convinced me to go or maybe I’m moving with friends- friendships can be hot and cold. Perhaps I have picked up a romanticized idea of California. It is dangerous. 
I sit in silence thinking that this mainly one-sided conversation we are having is more for her than for me. I’ve seen this before. I had been waiting for this call- I just didn’t expect it from her, I expected it from a different vessel/messenger. Doubt takes human form. Those were my own insecurities coming from her mouth.

My mind then races to Freshman Year in College. I had received a call from an 809 number. I foolishly picked up. It was my dad calling from the Dominican Republic. He called to tell me that I was abandoning my mom by going off to college. Girls don’t go away and leave their mothers alone. He suggested that I should go to City College and stay home. I should not be by myself- It’s dangerous…
Queue Four years of awesome challenges that let me see how strong I am. Then I was a 4+ hour bus ride away and now I will be a 5 to 6 hour plane ride away. 
If you’re waiting for approval- that’s a sad state of affairs. In that instant I was grateful for my friend’s call. I needed that call to know that big stuff is coming my way. Awesomeness is on its way.
I then hung up and started packing with such happiness in my heart – I was at peace. This is how you know you are on the right track- ask yourself do you have peace?
Thank you Universe for giving me a sign- because at this point every thing’s a sign :p Feeling fully supported and blessed.

P.S. Support my crazy dream of (F) UNemployment: Read more here. Help me relocate to CALIFORNIA!!!! Donate here. 
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The Revolution will be Live Streamed: My Journey

OMG!!!! Rosalie and I did it!!! We filmed the first in the series for The Journey!
I can’t believe I made it through alive! Lots of great, juicy advice in the video so do watch:

Why did I name my site Mary Your Soul? I think it’s a pre-requisite to being human, prior to marrying your soulmate or even finding a job you love. First you must marry your self and realize that you are worthy. The site is about challenging myself, going on adventures, pushing myself for growth- getting over my fears. It’s a challenge to not be complacent and lead with courage & creation to build a life that you are happy with.
If you find yourself in a divine storm with your life unraveling remember these 3 pieces of advice: 
1. You are not alone. There are many others who are going through your same experience. That co-worker at your job who is a total b*tch to you- he is unhappy with his employment and his life. There is fear and pain behind his lashing out. The Universe/God/Higher Power FULLY supports you. You do not walk alone. 
2. You have the power. You have the power to create a life that you love & be in a job that you love. You are worthy of something better. You must claim your power and realize that the only way to access it is throughout the decisions you make in the present moment. You must lead with courage and creation. You must actively create your life or the universe will arrange things by causing a divine storm. 
3. Bless your mess. Things are falling apart for a reason. You’ve got to learn those great lessons. Now when you go to rebuild- make sure to dig deep into the ground. Things will get super messy, dig up the dirt and the old so that your new foundation is on solid ground. Bless your divine storm. 
The one word that I would use to describe my journey is Elevate. I think the idea of  rising above, flying and soaring above is a beautiful visual. Take that leap of faith. On your way down is when your parachute will open. It will never open if you stay on the safety of the ground. 
I hope you enjoyed the video and the above words. May you find courage to blaze your own trail and find your own happiness in 2015!
This talking thing may be addictive! Stay tuned for more from me…
To be continued
Love & Mischief, 
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Living the Dream

This is what happy looks like…
To be quite honest, I don’t ever want to get a “job” the idea of a 9 to 6, Monday through Friday is actually a bit repulsive to me now. I can’t and will not do the rat race again. Like f*cking hell I will. 
I am in such a blissful state. 
I need to wrap my head around the concept that happiness and a job can coexist (though this term “job” will need to be re-defined to suit me). 

I love helping people and I can’t deny the fact that I was a damn good administrative assistant. What I now must face is that my path is unique to me and has potentially never been done before. I am blazing the trail and do not have anyone else to look to for guidance. 
I want to be honest with you. I want to crack open and allow for love to fill the little nooks and crannies of my heart. I feel feelings now. I might watch a movie and be moved to tears. I feel so blessed to be tapped in, tuned in and as turned on as I can possibly be. 
I have no idea what tomorrow holds but I know that in this moment I will take a deep breath and take a leap of faith. 
I want to do what I do now and get paid for it. I want to go to lunch, brunch, dinner with my friends – give them advice. I want to travel to far off places, such as Bali/Thailand/Australia/Anguilla/Brazil/The Caribbean/France/Santorini. Yoga, meditate and go to fun events. I want to share my knowledge (though there may be cursing involved at times ). I want to light the world on fire. I want to show others that there’s a way out of the madness and unhappiness. I will be like Moses and lead others out of the proverbial slavery that jobs have become. I want to make it my business to help others change their lives. I want to write my blog, books, maybe a film from perpetual retirement. 
I want to be unplugged. 
I want to be free. 
All the rules of the world do not apply to me.
Let me tell you a little secret – all the rules of this world do not apply to you either. 
Our birthright is happiness. There is a better way. All you have to do is Believe. You are here and you are worthy. 
How about if I never get a new job? I don’t think it would be that terrible… 🙂 I want to start a revolution. This happy crazy dream that I never want to end. 
In the spirit of crazy amazing things happening in 2015, I want to announce that the revolution has begun:
Yes, the revolution will be live streamed
I will be interviewed by my dear friend and soul sister Rosalie Tolentino on Tuesday, January 6th at 7:30pm ET. Please join us then for a live discussion of taking the leap of faith into FUNemployment and bliss. Hear me talk about my crazy adventure.

Love & Mischief,

P.S. (If you’re stuck in finance or from one of my old places of employment (Private Equity or Hedge Fund)- I invite you to listen in 🙂 Troll on my friend… this one is especially for you!)

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Cellulite on Ice

When I went to the beach, my friends were discussing how now they all try to buy bathing suites that cover up their bodies more. One piece bathing suits are what they look for. They began a deep discussion of all their flaws- including cellulite. At some point, I interjected that I had cellulite. They did not believe me…

I am here to tell the world- yes, I too have cellulite.  I think most people, those deemed “skinny”, “athletic”, or “curvy”- have cellulite. It’s a human condition of the body. I am not ashamed of it. No one is perfect. We live in this delusional world where each individual thinks that they alone are afflicted with flaws. The truth of the matter is that (lean in for this one- I will whisper) we have been conditioned – through mass amounts of photoshopped media that systemically creates a false reality of an unobtainable perfection. The faux reality deletes and denies our true individual realities that we are living and cohesively experiencing as a society. Why, you may ask yourself would our wonderful society do that? Well simple, if you happen to think there’s something “wrong” with you or if you are just not happy due to the constant comparisons- you, my friend, are a prime candidate for consumption. Buy that skin firming cream, pay for that lipo, join the gym, go on that special diet, do that detox cleanse, get that girdle or spanx that will smooth out those imperfections- all the while purchasing new clothes for each body type on the spectrum and damning our current bodies as we struggle to zip up our jeans that we are too in denial to throw away (oh these will fit once the X pounds are gone- we are all guilty). If we would all be happy- we would want for nothing (well close to nothing)…

no thigh gap! 

I think the worst part of all this is that we pass it on – our insecurities. It’s like a plague. We critique the bodies of little girls and speak about their gaining weight and developing bodies as if it is ok. We then sit as friends and comment on how our bodies are going down the toilet. My boobs- they sag and have stretch marks. They are being held up by my bikini top. My butt and thighs have cellulite. I have no thigh gap. My hair- it’s not straight. And clearly, I am not that tall- I am wearing heels. I use mascara to elongate my lashes. I use blush to make my already rosy cheeks orgasmically glow. I play feminine quite well – I am a bunch of lies constructed by me held up by crazy glue and gum with a nice thick coat of shellac. Who gives a sh*t? None of us is “real” or “natural.” There is no such thing. The truth of the matter is that we each have only the one body (evolving, changing, never to be pin pointed…). Where our body currently stands- in whatever state it is- that’s where we should love it. Compassion and kindness should begin with the self.

Fat is political. This is why I do not own a scale. Society and culture have a vested interest in our bodies. I will not play into it. I don’t want to obsess over a frame/appearance/something superficial and negative. 

I, on my part, will keep wearing whatever type of bathing suit I damn well please, one piece suits included. I will not be hiding- even if it makes me uncomfortable. We should show our friends, children and others the plurality of bodies by not hiding our own. Our bodies are not bad and they most definitely are nothing to be ashamed of. Let’s take a radical step and practice self love.

I know I am taking a leap posting bathing suit pics online… f*ck it! Sorry mom!

Throw my cellulite on ice- make mine a double! Cellulitis con hielo! Cellulitis con hielo! 

nothing to see here, Martini! 

My bathing suits I got at a sample sale for Faherty Brand- you can find them here. The cross back straps and cups offer awesome support for maturing saggy boobies such as mine :p. Snap them up before they are gone. I foresee travel and beaches in my near future… (I am wearing XS top and S bottom) Enjoy the rest of summer!!!!!!!

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