Letter of Resignation Template: BYE FELICIA

When you make a life changing decision to take a leap of faith it does not have to be pretty. It does not have to be graceful or even well thought out. Perfect is not even part of the equation.

The thing first and foremost on the mind of someone that wants to quit their job is  “how do I get rid of the pain, anxiety and dread of having to come into work each and every morning.” I think once you realize that you have to quit- self preservation and survival is imperative.
Quitting usually comes out of desperation and hitting a rock bottom in the position that you are currently in. Your life devolves into a triage mentality where all you want is to end the pain and rip the band aid off. You want to walk amongst the living once again. You want to drink from the fountain of happiness, love and prosperity that you’ve heard so much about.

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Resume Help: How Do I Get Started?


I know what it’s like to be in a job that you hate. It’s happened to me one too many times. I know there were many times when I had a rough week and resolved to update my resume over the weekend. When you are in that situation – you don’t quite know what is up and what is down. You can’t even begin to know how to get yourself out of this sticky situation.

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Mary’s on the Lamb: From New York City to California

Have you ever just sat there and thought- why can’t that be me? Why can’t I have the courage to do x y z? 
Life is funny. Three years ago, I had a boyfriend, a job in Private Equity, and had a roommate living in a two bedroom two bathroom apartment in Manhattan.

Looking back, I was poor as heck. All I had to keep me company were all these outside things. Status, job, cold hard cash and a relationship. I did not know myself and I did not have an understanding of my worth or who I was.

I said F*ck it to all that! I walked away from everything with my middle fingers in the air…
Now, almost 11 months into FUNemployment- I am happily in a deeply committed relationship with myself, I am no longer defined by my job or connections. I stand in all the glory that is being with my self. I am at complete peace – and there is no paycheck or dollar amount that can buy that!
I have been asked- what is the next step? What does one do after FUNemployment? 
I have a huge announcement- I will be moving to Cali-freaking-fornia! Yes, you read that correctly. After 31 years, being born and raised in New York City. Having gone to college just steps away in upstate New York- I, Mary, will be moving to the West Coast. I am defecting to California!!!!
Never mind the fact that I do not currently have a drivers license and I currently do not have a place to live. Please disregard the fact that I do not have any family in Cali… Let’s not even mention that financials are where they should and ought to be after 1 full year of not working the rat race or the h*e stroll…
God is my driving instructor. He is also my realtor, he has been my financial planner and bank. God is my backup and my only plan. He is the CEO of Mary Inc. I do not care to know the how or the details of this coming to pass. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the ultimate leap of faith. I surrender. I believe.
F*ck it! I am ready. Lead me where you’d have me go.

Why can’t it be you? Why the F*CK can’t it be you? I am not special. I gave up thinking “what if…” I gave up thinking “why can’t I…” soon enough, the goal is to give up thinking too.
The Universe has my back. I am no more special than you. It’s time to spread your wings and fly. You were meant to soar. All you need to do is JUMP. The Universe will meet you where you are if it sees that you mean business.
I am giving you up New York City. I would have never thought that I could have lived without you but here goes nothing…
Now onto the next chapter in this crazy book of life. 
What decisions would you make differently if you knew you could not fail? Once Monday comes around- would you still make it into work? Would you live in a different place? What’s holding you back from living your one wondrous awesome life to its fullest potential? 
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