One Thousand Dollars: Money Ain’t a Thing

The other day I shredded a check for $1,000.00. It did not even phase me. It wasn’t me trying to make some grand gesture… I just found an old uncashed check and I decided to let it go.
The money was never what I wanted. Money means nothing to me. Money is a means to an end. Money is not an issue for me and will never be- no matter how tight things get I will never struggle with money because I hold it in such a place where I am not desperate for it. 
I told my friends that I shredded a check for $1,000.00 and they nearly had a conniption. There was a collective gasp at the table. I am not attached and not dependent on such things. I can make more money. 
I know what it means to be poor so I do not fear it. If I made it out then I can rise above it now. I came from nothing so returning isn’t that big of a deal for me. I have already amassed such great blessings and wealth that I know the power that lies in my hands. The number in my bank account does not detail how truly blessed I am to have lived this life, my life. I make money – that’s what I do. 
I think having this sort of mind set is critical. I may not be traditionally employed but money still flows in. I, in a satirical move, created a GoFundMe page and someone donated. Checks come in the mail. I actually even had my cable company refund me hundreds of dollars. I am going on my 4th month of not paying a cable or internet bill. 
When you hold money lightly and give it room without being greedy or fearful of being in lack and scarcity the universe begins to respond to this space that you create for money to flow in. If you view money with anxiety and always focus on the lack- you will never see abundance. 
If you find yourself without money- never say that you are “broke.” Reframe that and say that you are “temporarily out of cash.” You are wealthy and abundant. You have your health. This situation of a low bank account number is not reflective of your earning potential and the greatness that is in store for you. It is not who you are and it is not who you will be. It’s just a temporary condition that is in transit out of your life. Abundance is on it’s way to you.
I count my many blessings. I have connection. I have a life filled with friends, family and love.

At the end of the day- money is just a piece of paper. A piece of paper that we gave power to and decided was important. Do you want peace and happiness or do you want worry? Pick a side because it truly is that simple to change your mind. 

I can’t be bought. I am beyond a price tag. 
That’s a pretty awesome place to be: PRICELESS.
Shredding that check was a symbol of me choosing myself. I am going to save me. I don’t want someone who can swoop in and write me a check. 
Hey, having uncashed checks lying around is an amazing place to be…
Feeling blessed and abundant! More is most definitely on it’s way to me- and that is a certainty.

Donate to my GoFundMe campaign. View my auctions on eBay.  

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People are Crazy! How to handle difficult coworkers…

We are all on the crazy scale. Everyone is struggling with insecurities, self hate, lack of (self) love and open wounds that they have yet to heal.
I often get lots of people who speak to me due to work issues and crazy coworkers. 
I usually point out to them that the insanity they see before them is reflecting deep pain within the person that is acting sh*tty. That coworker who is a total b* and he doesn’t know how to act. He constantly yells, might punch cabinets, slam doors, embarrasses others and says inappropriate things- that guy is truly hurting. There is something in him- a pain so great- that is causing him to lash out. That person who lives at work and emails at all hours of the day -even on holidays- who just can’t seem to disconnect from the happenings of work- how sad is their life? Can they truly be plugging into family life if they are constantly on email and on call?
I don’t care how much energy you may have and how much LOVE you have for the job- if all you think about is work… How diversified is your emotional portfolio? How nuanced and intricate is the flavor of your life? 
I don’t care how passionate you are about your job or how much good you may be doing- even the most dedicated people need to unplug and try something different in order to add some variety to their life. 
In dealing with the “difficult” personality I invite you to not think of them as the other/the adversary/the enemy- think of them as your greatest teacher.

Thank them for giving you the opportunity to learn more patience. Their acting out is a call for you to infuse the situation with more love. Bite your tongue and instead tap into your non-reactive state. Remain calm no matter what they throw at you. Be professional and courteous at all times. If they overstep bounds, set boundaries and stick to them. Speaking up for yourself in a respectful manner can be a very powerful act. It can shift the relationship dynamic if done correctly. If they are overbearing and continue to disparage you and act up- report them to Human Resources.

I found this gem of a video from a farm when cleaning out my phone. When piglets fighting looks like a calm affair compared to the office:

Your crazy work situation and the piglets fighting are one and the same! It makes no sense and it feeds no one!

This too shall pass! Greet every situation with a smile! You’re alive and you get to go home away from the craziness. This moment will pass so there’s no use in going down with it- ELEVATE! Don’t be a crazy piglet! 
Baby Jesus did not suffer fools. Do not participate in the crazy- use this mantra “Not my circus! Not my monkeys!” Watch the show from the audience but don’t get dragged into the chaos. This opportunity is here to teach you great lessons- take note!

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GoFundMe: Make Me Your Sugar Baby!

I learned what the good life is and I never want to go back!!!!
I was thinking about going out on the h*e stroll but something about std’s and touching people or even thinking that I have to talk to strangers makes me break out in hives… yea, the h*e stroll is just a dream for me.
I decided the next best thing is starting a crazy fundraiser. This tiny mad idea that I want to travel and explore places. Fundraisers happen all the time for stupid things, heck money theft and swindling happens all the time too! 
I figured I’d be honest- I don’t want to go back to the rat race- I want to be irresponsible, travel the world, think and type out my witty commentary on how I think you’re a fool for staying in a cube under putrid fluorescent lights! Pay me your hard earned money for me to do what you are too scared to do!

I already pitched this to my friends and they said I was crazy if I thought they would finance my trips and cultural enrichment (let’s show those hussies they were WRONG!!!).

I told my mom she needs to hang back- I’m going to show her how retirement is done! #FUNemployed (Fun fact- Mom & I both retired in the same year- YAY 2014! Thank you so much for your blessings!!!)

Any who, this was written some time ago in a flash of inspiration at 3:03am. Life has a magic way of happening. I thought I’d create the space for the money to flow- in case you find yourself with a few extra coins. I’m too lazy to pimp myself into the sugar baby role. 

GoFundMe!!!!! #FUNemployed!
Every penny makes a difference! Finance the dream! 🙂

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A Course in Miracles: Shifting from Hardship to Perfect Love

This past Tuesday, I found myself in Jeffrey Mironov’s living room. He is A Course in Miracles teacher. At the beginning of class, he was asked a question that I really identified with. Someone present had recently entered unemployment. They found themselves battling negative speak from their ego and they wanted to know how to kick the rut and self defeating thoughts. Jeff’s response from my notes and recollection are below:

The entire nature of time and space is hardship- we developed abilities to distract ourselves from suffering. This plane is one that operates from insufficiency- it’s never enough. It’s never rich enough, long enough, short enough, deep enough. Beyond our human experience- difficulty does not exist. Biases are all burdensome. These biases get compounded and we become ego-centric. Over time, our tolerance becomes less and less. We reshuffle the deck (self help books, try a slightly different approach- spiritual entertainment etc) to shift our consciousness momentarily. Everybody is having the shared experience of difficulty in all areas (family, job, special relationships, hobby etc). People are becoming more cognizant every holiday. It’s rough having this whole system of becoming separate and living this constellation of contradiction that is life. 

There was a question about if you have a special relationship and you pray together- will that help the special relationship?
In a special [romantic] relationship that is immature we try to satisfy our needs through another. If you pray together, sincere prayer, your mind will change. Prayer works to the degree that we really mean it. It cannot be superficial. It must have sincerity – say what you mean and everything you say you mean. Actions and behavior must be aligned and consistent. 

*Behavior moves others and demonstrates my willingness to be moved! 
When do we know when our learning is complete? When everywhere you look everyone smiles, babies don’t cry, human consciousness has shifted and suffering disappears.
We are all united in this experience of woe. (we think to ourselves, “NO one can possibly know how i feel…” THEY DO!) 

The nature of God’s gift is unlimited. Living everywhere at once- nothing I think separately is true- no one is truly the way I think they are. Separateness is a problem. We must remain open and receptive to learning and remember that this too shall pass. Salvation is an idea that undoes the need for more explanation. It empowers you to share experience beyond explanation and learning. Returns you to spontaneity, authenticity and aliveness -you live in the moment- you become an agent for something miraculous. 

We begin to see through the veneer of complaining. Thinking poorly, feeling poorly and doing poorly are all connected. It’s not user friendly and will not produce miracles. 

In the bible, Jesus says, “Everything you do to yourself- you do to me and God.” Problems don’t exist. They are opportunities for more expansive and creative solutions.
As you become yourself- your role in awakening will naturally unfold! Your being is always becoming. The nature of my being is the nature of god’s being. Everything that disturbs me- I made it all up. SUFFERING IS OPTIONAL!!! 

Salvation is expanding. Every thought is not true in life we only have reason for joy. Our dreams then begin to lighten up- become less terrifying. You can do a lot to promote that. Get down with God through meaningful prayer. Through prayer you get personal with spirit. Inner counsel with Holy Spirit make it real. Speak to Holy Spirit/Christ/Creator. God lives in me as I live in him. Be expressive of that. Set aside moments of spiritual prayerful sincerity. Be alert for moments you’re not tired. An instant of sincerity. Immediate connection honors the spirit in me. Receptivity to receive Holy spirit/god right here and now. God doesn’t ask anything of us. There’s no need to do a song and dance- he’s happy to be in your presence. I am profoundly loved and adored- there is nothing more pleasing and beautiful than my being and existing. 

Life is perfect love and expression. God got it right in you since the beginning- PERFECT LOVE. 

You are the loveliest of God’s creations. Become living examples- in life only the truth is true- be an expediter of causing the business of correction- inner shift to love by remembering a love that casts out all fear. 

 The room that night was beyond connected. It was such a beautiful moment.

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Living the Dream

This is what happy looks like…
To be quite honest, I don’t ever want to get a “job” the idea of a 9 to 6, Monday through Friday is actually a bit repulsive to me now. I can’t and will not do the rat race again. Like f*cking hell I will. 
I am in such a blissful state. 
I need to wrap my head around the concept that happiness and a job can coexist (though this term “job” will need to be re-defined to suit me). 

I love helping people and I can’t deny the fact that I was a damn good administrative assistant. What I now must face is that my path is unique to me and has potentially never been done before. I am blazing the trail and do not have anyone else to look to for guidance. 
I want to be honest with you. I want to crack open and allow for love to fill the little nooks and crannies of my heart. I feel feelings now. I might watch a movie and be moved to tears. I feel so blessed to be tapped in, tuned in and as turned on as I can possibly be. 
I have no idea what tomorrow holds but I know that in this moment I will take a deep breath and take a leap of faith. 
I want to do what I do now and get paid for it. I want to go to lunch, brunch, dinner with my friends – give them advice. I want to travel to far off places, such as Bali/Thailand/Australia/Anguilla/Brazil/The Caribbean/France/Santorini. Yoga, meditate and go to fun events. I want to share my knowledge (though there may be cursing involved at times ). I want to light the world on fire. I want to show others that there’s a way out of the madness and unhappiness. I will be like Moses and lead others out of the proverbial slavery that jobs have become. I want to make it my business to help others change their lives. I want to write my blog, books, maybe a film from perpetual retirement. 
I want to be unplugged. 
I want to be free. 
All the rules of the world do not apply to me.
Let me tell you a little secret – all the rules of this world do not apply to you either. 
Our birthright is happiness. There is a better way. All you have to do is Believe. You are here and you are worthy. 
How about if I never get a new job? I don’t think it would be that terrible… 🙂 I want to start a revolution. This happy crazy dream that I never want to end. 
In the spirit of crazy amazing things happening in 2015, I want to announce that the revolution has begun:
Yes, the revolution will be live streamed
I will be interviewed by my dear friend and soul sister Rosalie Tolentino on Tuesday, January 6th at 7:30pm ET. Please join us then for a live discussion of taking the leap of faith into FUNemployment and bliss. Hear me talk about my crazy adventure.

Love & Mischief,

P.S. (If you’re stuck in finance or from one of my old places of employment (Private Equity or Hedge Fund)- I invite you to listen in 🙂 Troll on my friend… this one is especially for you!)

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