Advice in Preparing to Quit Your Job & Be FUNemployed

Being FUNemployed is such a sacred space that has allowed me to truly bear witness to the person that I AM. It was such an evolutionary and revolutionary period in my life. I truly gleaned the divine within my Self. This sacred space accelerated my spiritual growth. I wish this blessing upon everyone. Even if it is just a moment to pause from the insanity that work has become. If you are contemplating making this cataclysmic shift in your life, here are some tips when preparing to transition into being FUNemployed:

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I move, I be, I do- all with ease.

I have been meditating on freedom and movement. Moving not just the body, but the locality of it, being moved and being able to communicate (how that in and of itself travels through the interwebs sometimes landing & sometimes just floating in the ether waiting to be discovered and unlocked).

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Your Freedom, Happiness & Self Love are Acts of REBELLION

“F*CK IT!” is part mantra and part reminder to just simply let it all go. Let go of the anxiety. Let go of the weight of perfection. Let go of all the things that are holding you back. Let go of the fear of stepping courageously into your power. Constantly remind yourself- “Step with confidence. You are guided. You are loved. Love made you.”

The most beautiful thing is to see someone who is not governed by their fears. Who instead of contracting because of the “should have”‘s and expectations is able to expand and touch the divine- that place within us that is limitless and inspired.

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The Revolution will be Live Streamed: My Journey

OMG!!!! Rosalie and I did it!!! We filmed the first in the series for The Journey!
I can’t believe I made it through alive! Lots of great, juicy advice in the video so do watch:

Why did I name my site Mary Your Soul? I think it’s a pre-requisite to being human, prior to marrying your soulmate or even finding a job you love. First you must marry your self and realize that you are worthy. The site is about challenging myself, going on adventures, pushing myself for growth- getting over my fears. It’s a challenge to not be complacent and lead with courage & creation to build a life that you are happy with.
If you find yourself in a divine storm with your life unraveling remember these 3 pieces of advice: 
1. You are not alone. There are many others who are going through your same experience. That co-worker at your job who is a total b*tch to you- he is unhappy with his employment and his life. There is fear and pain behind his lashing out. The Universe/God/Higher Power FULLY supports you. You do not walk alone. 
2. You have the power. You have the power to create a life that you love & be in a job that you love. You are worthy of something better. You must claim your power and realize that the only way to access it is throughout the decisions you make in the present moment. You must lead with courage and creation. You must actively create your life or the universe will arrange things by causing a divine storm. 
3. Bless your mess. Things are falling apart for a reason. You’ve got to learn those great lessons. Now when you go to rebuild- make sure to dig deep into the ground. Things will get super messy, dig up the dirt and the old so that your new foundation is on solid ground. Bless your divine storm. 
The one word that I would use to describe my journey is Elevate. I think the idea of  rising above, flying and soaring above is a beautiful visual. Take that leap of faith. On your way down is when your parachute will open. It will never open if you stay on the safety of the ground. 
I hope you enjoyed the video and the above words. May you find courage to blaze your own trail and find your own happiness in 2015!
This talking thing may be addictive! Stay tuned for more from me…
To be continued
Love & Mischief, 
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Mary Your Soul: Define Your Power

I have lamented that I am not part of those families where things get handed down to them from generations past. No, I do not get a cameo brooch, a set of pearls, wedding dress or fabulous vintage clutch from my grandma. There are no artifacts to remember any of them by. There’s not even a family tree. My family comes from abject poverty. They came from island living, dirt roads, donkeys and latrines. All I was given was my name. I come from a line of womyn whose names have been derived from the Virgin Mary.
My mom is Altagracia which, roughly translated, means “highest grace”. It is a mode of exaltation  and a nickname for the Virgin Mary. Altagracia is the patroness of the Dominican Republic. Her name came about because she was born on the feast day of the Virgin of the Altagracia which is January 21st. 
My maternal grandmother was Guadalupe. (As I type this my auto correct mistakes her name for “gratitude.”) Guadalupe is the venerated version of Mary that exists in Mexico. 
My mom was raised by her paternal grandmother whose name was Maria De Los Angeles. Because clearly one holy name is never enough- you have to be of the Angels as well. 
My name is Mary but could have easily been Maria. Maria got botched either because of a mishap or because of a language miscommunication. My mother was screaming for all of the Virgins (I guess she thought she needed all the reinforcement she could get). My dad decided I would be called Maria. The nurses thought there were way too many Maria’s and changed it to Mary. Either that or they just simply wrote the English version and called it a day (thank you nurse!). I asked my mom what happened between saying Maria and being called Mary. All she had to say was, “Thank god in this country the names are pronounced more refined.” And so it was that I was spared from Maria.
I like to pronounce it so that it sounds like Merry- the happiness kind. The pun on my blog means to Marry your soul. I personally have commitment issues and shy away from any marriage- even the figurative/metaphorical kind… either way you pronounce it- Marry or Merry your soul… it makes sense to me.
“Mary is not a mistake.” 
These were the words I heard on the other end of my Skype call with my wonderful angel card reader, Emily Aubé (Get her awesome book here). She said that she was being told “Marry your own soul.”
She asked if I was accepting of who I was – this was my block. She advised that I should work on the union between my soul and physical body. 
If you are keeping track, my blog, in its 2.5 years, has gone from being A little bit of M, to breaking free into Limitless M to now being Mary Your Soul. But if you type MaryAracena or any of the aforementioned blog names- you will always be brought home/to right here.
So now to build upon Mary. To a merry journey in front of us in marrying our souls… A story of more than just names. A story of Adventure, Freedom and Happiness.
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