HOLIDAZE: holiday gift cleanse

For the past two years,  being FUNemployed has given me the gift of not participating in the consumerist aspect of the December holidaze. I have opted out of gift shopping/giving and it has been one of the single most liberating things in my life.

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The Myth of the "Normie": Get Over The Itch To Be Perfect

One of the things that I have been doing here in California is going to open meetings of abstinence based recovery programs. I heard the term “normie” in reference to myself and was completely shocked…

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I don’t know if what I am about to write here is kosher or not… but I was feeling really down, very out of whack- just no idea what the f*ck was going on with me. Even though I was experiencing seemingly psychological symptoms, I know what they are attached to.

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To The Weirdos: An Ode To All The Weird People

I have always thought that I was weird that I was somehow different. That I did not belong, that for whatever reason, I was unique and the only one like me. For that reason, I kept to myself and tried my best to fit in, be vanilla and keep my mouth closed.

That’s when it dawned on me that there are just two types of people-

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I move, I be, I do- all with ease.

I have been meditating on freedom and movement. Moving not just the body, but the locality of it, being moved and being able to communicate (how that in and of itself travels through the interwebs sometimes landing & sometimes just floating in the ether waiting to be discovered and unlocked).

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