The Richest I’ve Ever Been & An Empty Bank Account

A Friend’s Garden in Bx.

I sit on my Costco couch in California, staring at my altar made out of boxes that have been covered with a sarong and I can’t help thinking that I am the richest I have ever been. Having exhausted all of my financial avenues (minus that whole “finding a job” thing- because who does that?) I now stare at a dismal balance in my bank account.

I am going to be listing my expensive accessories and fancy dresses that are relics of a past life.

I don’t need any of it.

All those handbags on a shelf collecting dust…

That version of me that requires this to feel special/feel anything no longer exists.


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HOLIDAZE: holiday gift cleanse

For the past two years,  being FUNemployed has given me the gift of not participating in the consumerist aspect of the December holidaze. I have opted out of gift shopping/giving and it has been one of the single most liberating things in my life.

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The Myth of the "Normie": Get Over The Itch To Be Perfect

One of the things that I have been doing here in California is going to open meetings of abstinence based recovery programs. I heard the term “normie” in reference to myself and was completely shocked…

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8 Sure Fire Steps To Combat The Anxiety Trap

I have been having an interesting month or so… The crazy has been coming out in full force. Here I was thinking I was a born again normal human in control of emotions, zen, calm and all that jazz…  Once you think you have it all under control- that’s when the Universe turns around and is like, “Here’s a really good one for ya! Take this plot twist!”

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