Soul Sucking Central: Modern Retelling of Plato’s the Cave

Chained to the desk. We think that the drama of the workplace and building a life around work is the norm. 
The workplace is a highly regulated synthetic environment. 
From the moment you leave your apartment- you commute to work. You are funneled through stairways and platforms to cramped trains, similar to how cows and farm animals are corralled into sorting pens, rushing from one location to another to make it in on time.
You somehow make it to your desk. The desk that you are chained to all day. You don’t get a window or access to light. You are not aware of the weather or the outside environment unless you have access to an office. You get yellow fluorescent lighting. Temperature is controlled. Too cold in the winter and freezing in the summer. They want to keep the meat fresh- keep you cold.
The policies that govern interactions are pre made by the powers that be. Life at work is controlled.  The outside world is suspended. Here you are not a parent, a sibling, a caretaker, a wife/husband/significant other/partner- here you are a worker who is here to churn out production and make money.
Everyone is hell bent on having immediate gratification. Of getting their own way. Of wielding power/control and ego’s. The ego’s are too big to be contained in the building. You have to be careful of stepping on toes and making sure feelings are not hurt. It’s high school drama times a million. 
You see these people 5 days out of the week spending 40 plus hours a week with them yet they are strangers. You do not know them. They may ask you how you are doing but do they truly listen to your answer? Strangers passing in the hallway. Interactions are for the most part superficial and built on what can you do or provide for me. Rare is a friendship- even rarer is genuineness. All under these fluorescent lights.
They pretend as if people will die if deadlines are not met. Things, acquiring stuff/money and getting things done at certain times are all that matters- people and treatment of others falls by the way side. 
As we earn more money and manage to move up in this made up world- we begin to need more stuff. Our fear of keeping this “more stuff” keeps us dependent on the system that does not have our best interest at heart. It was made to be self serving- to elevate and enrich those at the top and promote those that are able to work well within the confines and feed into the machine. 
In exchange, we get “job security,” two weeks vacation, 401K retirement plan, a transit perk, life insurance that covers death and dismemberment (and death via suicide after two years). We are lucky. We have a job. We have somewhere to be every day. We don’t have to think. We don’t have to be creative- things are planned out for us. 
What we forget is that it is all a construction. It is all made up. We are watching but the shadows on the wall cast by the fluorescent lights. We think that it is real when it is not. 
All that is real is love- our relationship with ourselves, god and others. All else (perceived grievances, material things, acquisitions, money, caste, stations in life, ego etc) is meaningless. 
You don’t realize that you have just arrived to the slaughterhouse. Dreams are sacrificed here- this is where dreams come to die. Welcome to Soul Sucking Central- will you be punching in?
I want to be able to sleep at night. I want to wake up in happiness. I want life to be a joyful experience. I want to radiate happiness and joy. I want to care about what really matters- loving/being.
Knowing that in this moment I don’t have to do anything whatsoever or at all. I am perfect. I am love and happiness embodied. 
I can miss all the deadlines in the world. I don’t exist in time. Time is a gift and an illusion. I have no where to be and nothing to do. I have nothing to lose and nothing can be threatened. This is the biggest gift of all. This is the gift of (F) unemployment.
Deep down inside of me, I know that there is a better way. We were not created to live in the zoo/circus that is called job/work.
I know that none of this is real. NONE OF THIS IS REAL. NONE OF THIS IS REAL!!!! We constructed this life and we can deconstruct it. We can opt out of the craziness. We stand in our own way. It is up to us to decide to be the hero in our own stories- will you opt to save yourself or will you continue to be chained to your desk looking at the shadows on the wall… or will you join the (F) unemployed revolution? 
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Hate Your Job? How About You CUT THE SH*T!

Things just got real. 

Well darling, I want to talk to you – yes, YOU- you who finds themselves working in a crap job and constantly ask yourself, “why me god? Why do I have to wake up another day, drag myself out of the comfort of my bed to go into a place I hate? My manager may not value me. My coworkers are mostly miserable (maybe even a touch unprofessional). I am doing thankless work. I am not getting paid enough to stay afloat. I feel utterly unfulfilled. I wish I could just quit. Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll work on my resume. I can’t stand it here…”
We are going to play a little game called “Cut the Sh*t!”© 
There is no one coming to save you! (Let that one sink in… then take the jump!!! Click on friends- to your first step to freedom)

There will be no caped superhero who will sweep you off your feet and there will most definitely be no prince charming riding in on a white horse. 

This is it, babe- you’ve only got YOU!!!
YOU– This magnificent being created as a miracle by an all knowing perfect Universe. 
Yours is a great legacy comprised of a lineage of ordinary human beings taking extraordinary steps. 
They were just like us (flesh & blood) and yet they were able to transcend and take courageous action that seems to move them closer to “special” or “extraordinary“.  But they were neither of those things. Life simply had great expectations for them and they rose to the occasion. 
Don’t wait for your circumstances to change. Don’t wait for perfection that never comes. Take accountability for your own actions. Years did not just fly by and you find yourself dropped here innocently- still in the same situation:

Monday– Go to crap job. Team meeting. Baby Jesus help me.
Tuesday– Bills don’t pay themselves…
Wednesday– Is it Friday yet?
Thursday– Sell your soul for a paycheck. Rat race is going strong.
Friday through Sunday- Dread the weekend because Monday always comes too soon.

Rinse & Repeat

All of thisis your doing!!!

You woke up today and chose to go in. On a moment to moment basis – you choose to sit in that chair. You stay put. 
You put in X number of years and think there is nothing outside of your current job and situation. This is just not true. 
You are not “stuck” in a job you hate. You are actively keeping yourself where you are. Stuck is what you are choosing Monday through Friday. 
You’ll keep getting what you’ve got if you stay. 
This present moment is an opportunity to choose differently. Only you are responsible for where you are and where you are going. You have the power. You can change the direction of your journey. 
Cut the Sh*t. © 

This is where you are meant to be, at this crossroad. You will either stay- reliving the same thing or you can forgive yourself. This is a lesson to be learned. Put in the work. Forgive yourself and choose differently. Have no anxiety. You have not fallen behind. You are exactly where you are meant to be – you are working on divine timing. It’s all in your hands… This is your chance, darling, show me what you’re made of!

(Game of Cut the Sh*t© brought to you by the good ol’ Cabrini Days – thank you ladies for making life amazing, staying friends until now and, as the young folk nowadays say – keeping it ONE HUNDRED… )

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